J Amoah Speaks



Where’s My Happy Ending?

Have you ever sat down to wonder where your “Happy Ending” is? When is it going to be your turn picking out your wedding colors, buying a new car or getting the job you’ve always wanted?   When will you […]


Are You Ready To Say “I Do?”?

Is it me or does it look like everyone is engaged, planning their wedding or newly married? I’m all for marriage, I think it is a beautiful union between two souls that God has brought together. Marriage is very sacred […]


Are You Always Worried?

  Let’s be honest, we all worry. It’s something we sometimes can’t help. We all worry about different things at different points in our lives. If you’re a child you may worry about getting good grades in school,  what dress […]


Do You Talk Too Much?

    Do you feel like you talk too much? You find yourself telling everyone everything?  A lot of times we can’t help it, maybe you have some exciting news or an issue you’re dealing with and you want to […]


What About Me?

  Ever feel like life is just passing you by? All your friends are graduating with their masters, getting engaged, planning their wedding, traveling the world, building a family and you’re just sitting there trying to pay off your student […]