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Girl Boss with Shakira Thomas

On today’s episode I chat with Shakira Thomas! She is the author of her self published books, Life with God and Teens doing Life with God. You can also catch her on YouTube under Life with God. On today’s episode, […]

FATHERHOOD: Chat with Vic Baldry

On Today’s NEW episode, I chat with the incredible Vic Baldry! Vic is a Husband and Father to the witty and adorable Isla. On today’s episode, Vic shares how his family upbringing played a role in his journey to Fatherhood, […]

FATHERHOOD: Chat with Ramel Nealy

On today’s episode, I chat with the multi talented Ramel Nealy, also known as ShowTime! Ramel is a Husband, Father, Teacher and Rapper. On today’s episode, we chat about Ramel’s journey to Fatherhood. Ramel also shares how he began his […]

MOTHERHOOD: Chat with Afia Frimpong

On today’s episode, I chat with Afia Frimpong. Afia is a Wife, a mother, a public health professional and a trained full spectrum doula! On today’s episode, she discusses the benefits of having a trained Doula during your pregnancy, the […]

Girl Boss with Giana McKay

On today’s episode, I chat with Giana McKay, she is the CEO and founder of Wellness on Earth cosmetics – a skin care brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty free. On today’s episode we discuss how Giana launched her […]

FATHERHOOD: Chat with Eric Taylor

On today’s episode, I chat with IT professional Eric Taylor! Eric has played a major role in raising his lovely niece Sheila and on today’s episode, Eric shares the importance of a Father figure in a child’s life. Eric gives […]

MOTHERHOOD: Chat with Jessica Pollack

On today’s episode, I chat with Jessica Pollack! Jess is an amazing Wife and Mother to her sweet daughter Willa. On today’s episode, Jess shares her journey to having her daughter much later in life. The steps she took to […]

MOTHERHOOD: Chat with Bianca Akosua

On today’s episode, I chat Bianca Akosua. She is a Fitness Motivator and Mother to the amazing Blake! On today’s episode, Bianca shares how she balances being a single mom, the importance of staying fit, the bond she shares with […]

MOTHERHOOD: Chat with Sheretta Taylor

On today’s episode, I chat with Sheretta Taylor! Sheretta is a Wife, a Mom, co-founder of Love At Home Ministries and has a YouTube channel “Worth the Wait”. Sheretta and her husband Brandon, have been featured in Essence.com and have […]

Girl Boss With Kadimah Aaliyah

I chat with self taught nail artist and co founder of Nuka nails – Kadimah Aaliyah. We discuss her journey to launching her own business in the UK, lessons she’s learned along the way and the future of Nuka nails!

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