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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, tis the season to be thankful. In this post I’ll be sharing how Thanksgiving is more than your favorite Aunty’s turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving is known to be a time of spending moments with loved ones and […]


Mr. & Mrs. Procrastinator ⏰

  Okay, so let’s all be real… procrastination is something most of us are guilty of. Whether it’s procrastinating at work, making a big decision, or a school project, we all do it. We all find ourselves putting things off […]


Where’s My Happy Ending?

Have you ever sat down to wonder where your “Happy Ending” is? When is it going to be your turn picking out your wedding colors, buying a new car or getting the job you’ve always wanted?   When will you […]


True Life…I don’t know God

Let God work on a blank canvas So this past weekend I attended the Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta Georgia ( it’s a Christian women’s conference hosted by Heather Lindsey – Christian Blogger, Author & Speaker). I must say the […]