J Amoah Speaks



The Lord Our Healer:

Let’s face it, we live in a society that is pretty much obsessed with taking medication. People take medication for all sorts of things, ranging from headaches, stomach aches, depression, anxiety, and even as a sleep aid.   I am […]


Learn To Be Yourself:

1. I like my cereal hot…some days cold.   2. I don’t watch TV. I personally think it’s junk ( except for 90s cartoons and old school shows).   3. I sometimes speak in different voices & accents ( it […]


Santa Claus…Who?

For most people, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time to relax with loved ones, take some days off work, and exchange and receive gifts. Christmas has become a huge holiday all across the […]


Julie’s Tone Body Workout:

Let’s face it, for some of us going to the gym is not easy. I’ll use myself for example…I’ll be motivated for a week, go consistently, and then stop going for some time (terrible I know). Then, there are those […]


Because He Loveees Me!

We have all heard these phrases before “how much do you love him”? Or are you guys in looveee??   Being in love is truly a beautiful and wonderful thing. Just imagine someone loving you unconditionally, to the point where […]