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Hello everyone, my name is Juliet Amoah and my goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people through Christian Faith, Lifestyle Tips, and Healthy Living. I love to travel, eat good food and make people laugh. I’m all about positivity, enjoying life, and doing God’s work. As a self-motivated and enthusiastic young professional I am passionate about inspiring and empowering those around me.


I was inspired to create this blog from life experiences, and people that I have encountered . I realized that at the end of the day we all need encouragement, including myself. God laid it upon my heart to create an outlet to help inspire His people.  I  believe that God has placed each and every one of us on this earth for a purpose and it is our job to fulfill that purpose.


As a native New Yorker of Ghanaian descent, this blog will be a spicy combination of both worlds.I pray that this site will bless you and inspire you to live out your God given purpose.

– Stay Blessed, Love J

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