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Alright guys and gals, this post is dedicated to those who have ever suffered from acne or skin issues. This is also dedicated to those who would like to take better care of their skin. If you are like me, you’ve suffered from years of bad acne. My acne issues started in junior high school and it just seemed like it never went away. I know there are some people who suffer from severe acne issues. I don’t think my issue was severe but it was bad enough and very noticeable. I remember people would ask me “oh no, why are you always breaking out” or “what’s wrong with your skin?” If having acne wasn’t bad enough, I would constantly have to defend my skin regimen and what I was doing.


Lord knows I have tried everything from Proactive ( didn’t work at all for me ) to high end expensive brands, to going to several dermatologist to experimenting with possibly every beauty skin care out there. My skin is super sensitive and I know within weeks, sometimes days if a product is working well for me or if it’s causing me to break out even more. Now, I would like to stress, I am by no means a guru when it comes to beauty or skin care, I can only speak on my experiences and what has worked for moi (me). So here I am a young thunder cat trying to figure out how am I going to ever stop having acne!? I even went to the point of taking several medications which made me terribly sick ( I try and stay away from medication as much as possible, I perfer to use natural remedies). I thought, what could it be? It couldn’t be genetics because my parents both have beautiful skin. I became determined to figure out the right regime for me.


It began to hit me, that maybe what I was putting into my body was playing a huge factor in my outward skin. At the time, I drank a lot of soda, candy, fast food, and just wasn’t intentional about eating healthy. I realized that certain foods were contributing to my acne. Oily, sugary, or processed foods were the main issues. Chocolate was another ( I know there are several myths out there about chocolate, but I have tested it and chocolate really breaks me out ). I started to become aware of the foods I was eating and how when I stopped eating certain foods, my skin began to clear up. I started drinking a lot more water ( I love Core water), stayed away from dairy products ( as much as I could) and eliminated beef, pork, & chicken from my diet.


Now, that may seem extreme to some people but I realized that not only was my skin suffering from the things I was eating but my body was too. My stomach wasn’t digesting the foods well and I would get tummy aches after I eat beef and headaches after eating sugary foods. It was time, I made the decision to change what I was putting into my body and incorporate healthier options.


Once, I started to change my diet, I started to see such a great difference in my skin. I was eating more fruits, veggies, fish, whole grain foods and could see how much of a great impact it had on my body and face. Now don’t get me wrong, I occasionally have a break out here and there but its literally nothing compared to what I went through before. I also, found a great beauty regime that has worked wonders for me. I love the Natura Bissie line, it can be found online or at Barneys department store.


Exercising has also played a huge role in how my skin and body looks. Again, this may not work for you, but the goal is to find out what does and don’t get frustrated or give up. I have gone through it all with my skin, so I totally understand your frustration but trust me, once you find what works for you, you’ll feel a lot better. I also, make sure to never exercise or sleep with make-up on. I wash my face 2x a day – once in the morning and once at night. I also do a Vitamin C or clay mask twice a week to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth.

I pray that this post will encourage you to find a beauty regime that works for you. Make sure to do your research ( you know your skin best) and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I remember asking a co-worker about her skin and she introduced me to some great products- I’m always eager to learn.

I pray this post will encourage anyone struggling with acne to take charge over their skin, and don’t give up on finding a regime that works best for you! Remember, we are what we eat, so you may have to give up some of those oily/sugary foods in order to have clearer skin.

I know trying to take care of you skin can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but remember, we can do all things through Christ.

Stay Blessed.❤️

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