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Happy Thanksgiving everyone, tis the season to be thankful. In this post I’ll be sharing how Thanksgiving is more than your favorite Aunty’s turkey and stuffing.


Thanksgiving is known to be a time of spending moments with loved ones and eating good food (every foodie’s dream, including myself). I love the idea of coming together with my family, catching up, laughing and stuffing our faces with African food. I remember as a kid, my cousins and I would have competitions to see how many plates we could each eat. We would literally eat till we couldn’t move then stuff our faces with dessert. I used to think Thanksgiving was all about family and eating good food.


However, as I got older I realized that Thanksgiving is way more than that. It’s more than family, turkey and mac and cheese. Thanksgiving should be a reminder of how far we ‘ve come. I think it’s important in the midst of family and friends that you take time alone to reflect on your life.


Maybe this time of year is not the best for you, or you lost a loved one around this time. It can definitely be tough, however, we should reflect on the good times we had with that person and celebrate all that God has blessed us with.


There are so many things we can complain about and for every complain there is something we can be grateful for. We should be so thankful every day we wake up and can see another day. We should also take time this holiday season to do something nice for someone or go around your neighborhood and give food to those in need. This time of year should remind us that it’s not all about us and our families. That there are people out there who really don’t have much and we shouldn’t compare our
celebration to others.


Maybe in your house Thanksgiving isn’t really celebrated so you always end up going to your friends house. There is nothing wrong with that but you shouldn’t then compare your family to theirs. Be grateful for the crazy family you do have. God gave you that family for a reason. I want us to change the way we think. Let’s learn to always have a grateful heart and appreciate all that life brings – good or bad.


Thanksgiving should mean more to you than just food and family. I want us all to take time this season to really challenge ourselves to stop complaining and to go out there and do more for others. Let’s enjoy all that we are blessed with and complain less about what we don’t have. I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know being grateful can be hard and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ.


Happy Thanksgiving from JAmoahspeaks.

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