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Hello Beautiful People,

This post is way overdue, but it’s finally here. This past summer I attended Heather Lindsey’s Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta Georgia.The conference was amazing and was designed to help empower and uplift  women through the word of God and insightful teachings. There was also a men’s conference going on that her Husband Pastor Cornelius led  called “The Man Cave”. From what I heard it was beyond powerful.


I didn’t get a chance to see what the guys were doing 👀  but it was a blessing to see people young and old worshiping The Lord. The Pinky Promise Conference held sessions on various topics from “How to manage your money”, “How to enjoy your season of singleness”, “How to enjoy being married”, “How to find your God given purpose” and so much more! This was my first year attending the conference and I must say it was beyond refreshing.There were women from all walks of life and it was beautiful to see so many women pouring it all for Jesus! Everyone in the ball room allowed the Holy Spirit to take control and He sure did.


I also signed up to volunteer and I must say it made my experience more fulfilling. I got a chance to serve and meet more of the ladies at the conference. Not only was the conference well organized but it was super cute and fabulous. 💕 There were vendors outside the conference selling the cutest accessories, T-Shirts, books, and more. I was so happy to see so many local business owners and of course I had to support.

2016 Volunteer Team. Can’t wait to see you ladies next year!
Working the pink carpet with one of my Besties 😍😍

The conference was inspiring, refreshing, and insightful. I came back with a new perspective on my purpose and walk with God. I learned that you cannot rush God so just rest in Him. The importance of enjoying the season you are in. Remembering that finding your purpose is a process and we must be patient. We should walk in love and allow God to write our life stories.

These amazing girls!! 😍

I want to encourage anyone reading this to definitely check out the information for next year’s conference. It’s a blessing any time God uses someone to help uplift His people. Remember, that in order to stay focused spiritually we must charge our Spirits up. So be encouraged, find a good Bible based church and attend conferences. Know that God has not forgotten about you – He is preparing you for greatness! Get involved in doing God’s work and stay focused. Remember we can do all things through Christ stay blessed.

Enjoyed the beautiful hospitality in ATL! 💕


For more information on the 2017 conference check out the website.

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