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Happy 1 year Anniversary JAmoahSpeaks🎉🎉



Ohh laa laa… it’s JAmoahspeaks 1 year anniversary!! Can’t believe it’s been a full year already. Thank you to everyone who has been rocking out with me since day one. To all the new followers who joined along the way thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my posts. It’s honestly not about the numbers but about blessing others. This post is dedicated to a few things I’ve learned within this year. I hope this post inspires and motivates anyone who wants to start a blog, business, YouTube channel, go back to school etc.. Go out there and be GREAT!


There is a lot that goes into writing and editing each post. I’ve learned so much from starting Jamoahspeaks. I remember when an old co-worker introduced me to the blogging world and inspired me to start one. I had a lot to share but I didn’t know where to start. I prayed and asked God to lead me and He sure did. God brought the right people into my life who helped me start this blog – God bless you guys mucho!!


Throughout this year I learned how important it is to be CONSISTENT. It’s so important to be consistent in your word, vision, and ideas. There were a lot of times this year that I was not consistent with my blog. Being consistent is a good key to making anything work well. You have to put in the time and effort, something I need to improve on. I know it’s definitely easier said than done, but consistency will get you the results you want. Lord help me be more consistent!


I also experienced an inner growth season this year. A lot of us are in seasons that we can’t wait to get out of for obvious reasons. However, I’ve learned those seasons prep you for what’s to come.


Life is all about GROWTH. The growing process can be challenging, and sometimes painful but it gives you so much strength. When I first started writing, my editor Odessa ( God Bless her) helped me edit each post for spelling or grammatical errors, I had so many mistakes. However, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed by it because I’ve learned as a writer you need to work on those skills.


Life is not about being perfect and having it “all together”. It’s about being GENUINE. Whatever it is that you want to achieve or accomplish, learn to be real. Be real with yourself, expectations, and ideas. Do not venture into something because of pressure or what other people think you should do. Do what genuinely makes you happy and you feel is right. There were times were I had to say no because I genuinely did not feel right about it. It’s okay to say NO, what is God telling you to do? We have to be real with ourselves. Some of us are struggling doing a million things because we don’t know how to say no. Be real with yourself, it will only help you in the long run.


During this year, I saw peers start blogs & YouTube channels. I couldn’t be happier that people are going out and doing what makes them happy. Does what they have to share take away from what I’m doing? No, I learned that in order to stay focused DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF. Stay focused on what God wants you to do – don’t get distracted. Anything you set your mind to do stay focused and be patient. Whatever God has planned for you will come to past.


With this year almost over, I have set a few goals for next year. This includes becoming a better writer, being more consistent, starting a few projects, and helping more people, by God’s grace. I believe God has given me this platform to help people and I’m so thankful. I’ve learned a lot from starting Jamoahspeaks.com and I can’t wait to share all the new and exciting things God has called me to do next. Stay tuned!

Always remember we can do all things through Christ.

Stay blessed

Special Acknowledgements:
My family/friends ( too many to list, you all know who you are 😉)
Ayanna Woods
Kwame Asenso
Karen Adjei
Odessa Adu
Alexi Amoa

And everyone who supported me, God richly bless you guys!!

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