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Okay, so let’s all be real… procrastination is something most of us are guilty of. Whether it’s procrastinating at work, making a big decision, or a school project, we all do it. We all find ourselves putting things off till the last minute or delaying to start something.


I’ll be the first to admit that I can procrastinate a lottttt. The idea of having to do a large task or something I’m not excited about can sometimes be overwhelming. However, I’ve learned that procrastinating often makes the situation worse. Regardless of how painful the task is, it still needs to get done, so why not start early. Procrastination can be caused by several things including laziness, anxiety, and fear.


We sometimes delay doing important tasks, to do other things that will take our mind off of what we have to do. Instead of submitting school applications we are busy shopping online and buying clothes we can’t afford. Why are you putting off so many things? What is stopping you from just starting something? Is it the fear of failure? The thought of failing should never stop anyone from starting. We are all going to fail at some point in life but it’s all about picking yourself up and moving forward. It’s better to try and fail then to never start at all.


If you want to start something, stop waiting till the last minute to do it, plan ahead. Start researching on the project now, not the night before it’s due. Start looking at hotels and package deals now not at the very last minute. Waiting till the last minute causes unnecessary stress and sometimes costs you more.


Learn to mange your time. Time management is key to working effectively. Don’t wait till the last minute to do something hard or something that will take a lot of time. Start the hard stuff first… even if you don’t finish it right away at least you started it.
It’s also important not to delay Gods calling on your life. Maybe God has called you to use your talents and gifts to do something big, or God is prompting you to move to a new location or switch jobs. Take heed to Gods prompting!  Do not put it off and say “well I have time, so let me start this later”. God has given each of us an assignment and purpose on this earth. We should not waste time procrastinating. Life is short and if God has given you an assignment I strongly urge you to go out there and start it.


Allow God to give you direction as to when and how you should go about starting. This applies to any area in your life. Don’t waste time day dreaming about the job you’ve always wanted. Go out there and start applying, make an effort. Perhaps you want to start a business but don’t have the funds. Pray and work towards saving, start doing some research on how to start a business, and attend networking events. Make efforts towards achieving your goal and leave plenty of room for patience.


Understand that nothing happens overnight, success is achieved through prayer, hard work and dedication. Believe that whatever God has put in your heart to do, you can do it. Don’t allow procrastination to hinder you from getting there. Learn to start things early for better results. As I share this post I feel inspired to go out and start all the things I know I need to do. I pray that God will also prompt you to take action and stop letting procrastination get the best of you.

Let’s all learn to stop putting things off and start making moves! I know trying to stop procrastinating can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but remember, we can do all things through Christ.

Stay blessed 😘

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