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Have you ever sat down to wonder where your “Happy Ending” is? When is it going to be your turn picking out your wedding colors, buying a new car or getting the job you’ve always wanted?


When will you finally be able to get everything you’ve worked so hard for? It is so easy to get caught up in all the things we want, dream, and even pray for, especially in this modern and technology based society. We can easily get so caught up in what everyone else is doing that we start to compare ourselves to other people.


I’ve learned that you cannot compare someone else’s journey to your own. God is taking us all on our own path so why compare yourself to anyone? The idea of having what you want or what you think is best should go out the window… that’s right, you heard me – out the window. Stop giving God timelines and wish lists, God is not a genie, He is our Father. Some of you may have had bad relationships with your fathers, so you can’t see how God is going to take care of you like a real father should. However, do not make the mistake of comparing God to an earthly father or being.


God wants the best for us. Instead of telling God I want this or that, tell God let His will be done. Maybe you’re at a job that you HATE and are ready to quit… pray and ask God to lead you as to what you should do next. God is so creative and mysterious, He can literally turn that horrible job into your biggest blessing! See the cool thing about God is, He sees the whole picture, we just see a small portion of it.


God already knows what we need, so instead of telling God what you want, pray and ask that His perfect will be done. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask God for our hearts desire, what it means is we should seek Him more than our own desires.


The Bible reminds us in Psalm 37:4 “Take delight in The Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires” NLT. I looked up the definition of delight in the Merriam Webster dictionary, and the word delight means a strong feeling of happiness or great pleasure. How I interpreted the scripture is, all the things that we want and are desiring for are things that will bring us happiness, but when we seek God as the source of our happiness He will bring us the things we are desiring for!!


It makes so much sense… stop stressing and putting pressure on God to bless you with things. All you have to do is desire more of Him. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you” Matthew 6:33 NLT.


Replace that desire for a man with the desire for God. Let God fill that void and watch how He will move in your situation. Now, I’m not saying that God will make it happen right away, remember, God works in His own time and is very creative. Do not expect God to bless everyone in the same way. How God moves, no one will understand. However, when you stay consistent and dedicated to honoring Him, He will never ever disappoint you. Psalm 37: 25 reminds us that “…the righteous shall never be forsaken or rejected…”. To me that’s a beautiful feeling of knowing that God is so involved and concerned with every area of my life.


Let’s learn to lean on God. Don’t walk around day dreaming for your happy ending or reading other peoples stories and secretly wishing that was yours. Learn to be so thankful for what you have that even if you don’t get what you think is your happy ending, you’re okay, because you know God will bring you what you need. I want to challenge all of us to stop comparing ourselves to what other people have. Let’s learn to stop trusting in our own abilities and allow God to take full control. That means praying ( without worrying ) and telling God, “Lord I’m so excited for that amazing relationship or job that you have for me, but I don’t want to go ahead of You, so I ask, let Your perfect will be done, even if that means I need to wait longer than my friends. It’s okay because I trust you Lord”.


God sees the bigger picture and some of us need to seriously work on our patience * I’ll be the first to raise my hand on that 🙈* . But see, that’s the beautiful thing about this life we have, it’s all a part of the journey and process of getting better. God needs to mold and shape us into the best version of ourselves before we can even receive our hearts desire. God is not mean or evil, He is a loving and wonderful Father and because He sees the bigger picture He knows what areas in our lives we need to grow on. I want us all to learn to trust and rely on God for everything, allow Him to write your Happy Ending as God can write it better than we can.


I know trusting God with your heart desires can be hard and a bit of a challenge, but remember we can do all things through Christ.

Stay Blessed.😘

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