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So this past weekend I attended the Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta Georgia ( it’s a Christian women’s conference hosted by Heather Lindsey – Christian Blogger, Author & Speaker). I must say the conference was nothing short of amazing! I’m recruiting all my friends & co-workers to go next year 🙂 I signed up to volunteer for the conference as I really wanted to help serve and get involved. It was a great experience and allowed me to meet so many amazing women of God.


There were so many highlights from the conference that I’m going to share in my next post. I actually wanted to share my experience and recap about the conference this week but God really spoke to me and challenged me to be real with myself and write about a topic that I kept running away from… the fact that I really don’t know God!
So let’s be real here, people think because you share inspirational quotes, pray, or sing in church, that you know God. I recently had a reality check as I was getting ready to sleep one night. God spoke to me and said you really don’t know Me? I thought huh…what? God I do know you, you are like my bestie, I talk to you about everything and even use my social media as an outlet to talk about You. I sing in the church, pray every day, I mean how could I not know You?


Then as I sat there, the Lord revealed to me, that I do all of that to make myself look good but do I really know Him? I was shocked, because it was true, I loved God and thought I had completely surrendered everything to Him but I didn’t know Him that well. I was still very selfish with my prayers and my journey with God.


I could share all these inspiring quotes but truly didn’t understand how to apply it. I loved helping people but I truly did not love people. How could I call myself a true Christian and say I want to help God’s people when I don’t even know the one who created them? I was so engulfed in the idea of “living for Jesus” that I completely missed the purpose…that is truly knowing God. I don’t know the Bible that well ( I’m taking time now to really learn it ) and I can’t remember scriptures when tested on my faith. All I could do was provide inspiring and “Christian” things to say but I couldn’t back it up with the word of God.


I love God and was dedicated to living for Him but I wasn’t. I was living for myself and my desires. I wanted God to bless me and use me for great things but on my time. I wanted God to mold and change me but I was still walking in my old flesh. I love God but I was rude, impatient and would smile but have an attitude in my mind about people. I was just a hot mess covered in ” righteousness”. I was not being real with myself or God. I would say I don’t care what people thought of me but I did. I cared so much about what people thought and how my blog or Christian lifestyle could bless people but I didn’t allow God to change me.


I say this to say, I grew up always going to church and being a Christian but it was only until recently that I actually got to know God on a deeper level ( through seeking Him). I can honestly say that I am no longer stressed, worried or fearful of anything, because I have a better understanding of the God I serve. I’m learning to have a genuine heart for God’s people.


My entire mindset and even prayer life has changed. I stopped praying for myself and started praying more for others. And don’t worry, God already knows what you need. As you pray for others and seek Him first, He will bless you with your heart desire.


I had to learn to stop hindering myself from getting closer to this AWESOME & AMAZING GOD! I began to realize that it’s really not about me or my good works. Either was it about how many things I do at church or because I cut out carnal things from my life. God isn’t impressed by that. He is more interested in my heart, my desire to surrender everything to Him. When I got the understanding that it’s really all about Jesus covering every area of my life, I began to really trust in Him and know Him on a deeper level.


I say all of this to encourage someone who wants to know God for themselves. Seek God not because your parents or a friend told you to do it. Seek Him because you want to have a deep and personal relationship with Him. You can seek Him by getting a Bible that you understand, reading Christian books, and constantly communicating with Him.


This is also for the person who has been a Christian all their lives but still doesn’t know God or His word. I want to encourage you that it is never too late to get on track. To be honest, I don’t know the Bible that well and at one point I was so desperate to understand it, I started reading the kids Bible. It may sound funny or silly but I was so hungry to learn about His word that I went to any measures to understand it. I still read the online kids Bible from time to time ( don’t judge me lol ) but I recently purchased the New Living Translation (NLT) study Bible to help me really study the word ( I had the Amplified and King James but I preferred the New Living Translation version just a preference, they are all still good versions ).


Think about it, what good is it to serve at church, go around saying you love God, post inspiring quotes but yet you don’t know Him… and we truly find Him in the word. Writing this post really challenged me to be real with myself and I pray that God will help anyone struggling in their faith and journey with Him. I want to challenge you to be real with yourself and ask God to help you. Surrender everything to Him and allow Him to be everything you need and more!❤


I know trying to get to know God can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but remember, we can do all things through Christ!

Sincerely the girl who is seeking after the Lord.

Stay blessed!

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