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My Favorite Beauty Tips to Look and Feel Your Best:


Hello beautiful people, now we all know how important it is to look our best. When we look good, we feel good. There are many ways to look good; I’ll use myself as an example. Aside from drinking lots of water, staying physically fit, and eating healthy, I consider some of my spiritual beauty regimens the real reason I feel and look my best. We sometimes forget how much our inner being affects our outer beauty. I would like to I share some of my favorite beauty tips to help you feel and look good!


Bathe thoroughly in the word of GOD & in prayer:

Now this is crucial for me, I need to constantly stay prayed up and focused on the word of God. Prayer helps me when I feel stressed or overwhelmed and is a constant reminder that God is always with me. The word of God also helps me stay connected to my creator, which brings me so much inner peace. Let your beauty and glory shine from within.


Apply forgiveness to keep the wrinkles away:

No need to hold on to grudges and unforgiveness. Unforgiveness can cause you to be bitter and frown all the time, which can cause early wrinkles. You’ll notice that people who hold on to bitterness and unforgiveness are usually very unhappy and miserable. I have learned to forgive easily, and not to hold on to grudges – it’s negative energy and no one needs that.


Let go of the need to please everyone:

This took me a while to learn, but once I got it, I felt so much happier and lighter. When you are constantly trying to please others, you can’t enjoy your life. You are constantly seeking the approval of others which will eventually wear you out and cause you to stress, stress = pimples. We must learn to be there for others but know when to say NO and not become a people pleaser. Remember, it’s impossible to make everyone happy, so don’t kill yourself trying to.


Dash plenty of patience:

The bible reminds us the importance of patience, in Proverbs 14:29 it reads “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly” NIV.
Learning to have patience in your life will help you stay calm and relaxed. You won’t get worked up when people don’t do what you want them to do or when things don’t go your way. Having patience gives you a very calm spirit and prevents you from worrying and stressing over situations. It allows you to always look your best because you are not flustered, nor freaking out with anxiety.


Wear a smile to give your face the perfect glow:

Lord knows I love to smile! I remind myself that I should smile all the time not because life is perfect, or I don’t have any problems. I smile all the time because I’ve learned to live above my problems. I do not allow problems to steal my joy and peace. It’s important to constantly wear a smile on your face. I know this can be hard for some people, especially if you are going through a rough time. However, when you are constantly smiling, you are showing God that you are at peace, knowing He is fighting for you. A smile is the perfect touch to anyone’s beauty.


Let go of negative self-talk:

“I’m so fat, I look ugly, my nose is too big, I hate my lips” sound familiar? We must be very careful of the things we say about ourselves. Some of us love to speak negative things about ourselves, which is terrible. If you want to look and feel your best you need to speak positive and uplifting things about yourself. Tell yourself how beautiful, smart, and unique you are. We must learn to be confident in the beauty God has blessed us with. We must learn to shower ourselves with love. I believe that’s the key to truly feeling and looking your best!


Let’s learn to stay dedicated and focused in taking proper care of our inner beauty. Allow that beauty to radiate from within you. I know trying to look and feel your best can be hard and a bit of a challenge, but remember we can do all things through Christ!

Stay blessed.

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