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Are You Allowing Social Media To Dictate Your Life??



Does it seem like all of your friends are getting married, planning trips around the world, and living lavishly? Do you feel like somehow you missed the memo and you are struggling to keep up? My question is, why are you comparing yourself to just a portion of someone’s life? There are people who sit on social media all day just going through other peoples pages and beating themselves up because they are not living the life they see other people living. I get it, social media is supposed to be a fun platform where you can share things with your friends and family.


However, for some, it has turned into a platform to show off and create a deceitful life that some people are certainly not living. We should always remember, that everything you see on social media is not always the truth. People can post all kinds of things to make others believe they are living a happy and exciting life, but they are not. I always find it strange when people share or post every little detail about their life. I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting to share exciting moments with your friends and family, but some people abuse social media and make it a place to gloat and pride about themselves.



For some, social media has become a form of competition. It has made others feel like they are not doing enough and maybe there is something wrong with them. We must learn to be happy and content with the lives we have. Stop comparing yourself to a friend whose job allows them to travel around the world, or a friend who is getting married and just bought a house. Perhaps those are some of your desires and dreams so you may become envious when you see other people living it. However, that should not cause you to feel discouraged or beat yourself up.


Also, don’t allow what celebrities do on social media to influence your life. Learn to embrace your truth and be content with what God has blessed you with. Everyone’s journey and walk is different. We do not know how that person got there or what they are doing behind the scenes, so don’t try and compare your entire life to just a portion of what you are seeing. Learn to be honest with yourself, there is no need to lie and say you’ve traveled somewhere meanwhile you have not…. stop living for people. It doesn’t matter if everyone is buying a car right now and you still don’t have a license…it is not your season right now.We should stop rushing and trying to compete with people. With God’s Grace and His perfect timing you will have that car you’ve worked so hard for, but in the mean time enjoy what you are blessed with now.



Life is moving so fast and sometimes we feel the burden of not being able to catch up. We feel stressed and just below where we think we should be. Always remember, God has placed you where you currently are for a reason. God is not limited by time, money, circumstances or anything.


So instead of trying to allow social media to dictate your life, allow God to take full control. Allow Him to be all you need and tell Him all your hearts desire. Maybe you want to cut back on social media but don’t know how, or you want to be able to go on social media without it having such a negative effect on you. Whatever it is, ask God to help you become content in your season and not rely on the world’s standards to dictate what you should be doing. Ask God to take away any bitterness or spirit of envy that you may be struggling with.


We may not see it, but social media does play a major role in of our lives. For some of us we won’t even wear certain outfits because we posted a picture of it on Facebook or because it is not cute enough for Instagram… who cares. Stop allowing social media to place you in a pigeon hole. Some of us need to take a break off of social media so we can actually start doing all the stuff we complain we don’t have enough time for. We have to sometimes step back and reevaluate our lives and be real with some of things that take up most of our time.


Let’s learn to live by God’s standards and not the standards of this world or society. I know trying to stop comparing yourselves to others on social media can be difficult and a bit of a challenge, but remember, we can do all things through Christ.

Stay Blessed!

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