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Often times, you’ll hear people say, “ If only I had a better job, if I was married, had more money or a nicer car… I’ll be happier”.


It seems like our value on happiness is based on people and material possessions. Sure, it’s nice to have a better paying job with more money, but that should not be the source of our happiness. Don’t depend on anyone or anything to make you happy!


If people or material things become the source of our happiness, we will never truly be happy. People will disappoint us, stock markets can crash, life is constantly changing and we cannot depend on things or people to truly satisfy us.


We should derive our happiness and peace from the one source that never changes and is always there – The Lord. He is our strength and rock. When people fail us and money fades, God is the only one who will stand by us. Material things are temporary, but God’s love and joy is everlasting.Psalm 136:1 reminds us to “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;For His lovingkindness (graciousness, mercy, compassion) endures forever”.


We must also learn to be content and happy at any stage in our lives. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, but rather focus on what God has planned for you. Maybe you don’t have the car or the job you desire right now, but who cares, learn to be happy with your portion. Know that at the right time, God will bless you with your next portion ( don’t try and go ahead of God, ask that His will be done in your life and trust His timing ).


We should always remember that God is going to fix and restore every situation at the right time. There is no need to mope around being depressed or upset because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or because you don’t have all the money you think you need. Learn to be happy and content with what you do have.


We are so blessed with the gift of new life… that in itself is such a blessing. Learn to smile even when your bills are not paid, learn to laugh and enjoy each moment of life regardless of your problems. If people can’t stand the fact that you are not angry and stressed all the time or dislike you because you want to be happy that’s not your problem… keep smiling and enjoy your life 🙂


Remember, joy and peace comes from The Lord. When we enjoy our lives regardless of our problems we are telling God, that I trust you, and that I will not stress over this issue. You are showing God that you know He is more than able to solve any problem; so in the mean time you are going to laugh, have fun and enjoy this amazing and beautiful life He has blessed you with.


Let’s learn to not focus on what we do or do not have. Let’s learn to appreciate and be happy with the little. Don’t allow the stresses of this world to stop you from enjoying your life. Travel the world, try new foods, change your hair style, go back to school, start a business, learn a new language, etc.. Remember our joy, peace, and strength all comes from the Lord. Continue to seek Him and He will fill your heart with such great joy and happiness.


I know trying to find true happiness can be difficult and a bit of a challenge, but remember we can do all things through Christ.

Stay Blessed.

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