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Looking for a good job in today’s job market can be extremely difficult and very tiring. For some people, maybe you graduated from school and haven’t been able to find the right job in your field of study. For others, you lost your job, got laid off and you are struggling to land a new one. Or you are at your current job and are ready to move on to a higher level in your career. In this post I’ll be sharing some helpful tips on how to land the job you want. Please remember that while these tips are helpful, prayer is the key! Pray before you apply to any position and before you go on any interview. Ask God to take absolute control and may His will be done.

10 Tips to help you land the job:

1. Don’t give up: Looking for a job is a full time job in itself. You can spend days, weeks, and months looking for a job. You can apply and send your resume to so many companies and hear nothing back. It can be very frustrating and discouraging but don’t give up. Continue to apply and stay persistent.


2. Don’t listen to everyone: Some people have nothing better to do than criticize your life. Some people may wonder how come you haven’t found a job yet? They may even question are you even looking? One thing I learned is that people’s opinion can be very discouraging, especially when you are trying to get yourself together. Try not to listen to negative people and their opinions. Allow God to be the only voice you listen to.


3. Go for what you want: find out exactly what you want to do and the company you want to work with. Try not to apply to just any job. Find jobs and companies that interest you and you can see yourself growing in.


4. Don’t limit yourself: Don’t restrict yourself, don’t allow fear to stop you from applying to that “BIG” company. However, be smart ,don’t apply for a senior level position even though you have an entry level experience. Get your foot in the door and work your way up.


5. Update your resume and cover letter: Make sure your resume is up to date. I remember one time I was applying for so many jobs and I mistakenly attached my old resume and cover letter to a position, yikes! Thank God it was just saved to my drafts and I caught it before I sent it. So just remember to double check everything you are sending and make sure the resume you are sending fits the position you are applying for.


6. Dress for success: once you’re called in for an interviewer it’s your time to shine! Make sure you are dressed in tip top shape, well groomed and ready to land the job. That means ironed shirts, blazer, everything (ladies, no chipped nail polish and gentlemen make sure you are well shaved). I would rather look too professional than under dressed, even if the company you are applying to has a very relaxed atmosphere, still dress professional.

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7. Get to your interview early: give yourself more than enough time, just in case there is traffic or train delays. Get there early, check in with security, and give yourself enough time to relax before your interview. The worst thing is to look flustered and sweaty. Another tip is to do all your printing in advance. Don’t wait till the day of to print your resume, do this before the day of your interview. Also, carry 3 copies just in case something spills on it or you meet with more than one person and they each request a copy.

8. Do your research about the company you are interviewing with: show them that your are fully interested in working with them and you actually know about the company. Side note make sure to always send a thank you email after each interview.

9. Relax and be yourself: don’t try and over do it, I have learned that each employer is looking for something special. Whatever makes you different, bring that to the table, and just be yourself.

10. Leave it in God’s hands: It doesn’t matter how many interviews you go on, at the end of the day, whatever God’s will is for your life will come to pass. So don’t get frustrated if you didn’t get the job, God might be preparing you for a greater blessing. We must learn to put our trust in Him and let Him have His way in every area of our lives, including our careers.


I know trying to land the perfect job can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ.

Stay blessed.

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