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imageWow 2016 is right around the corner, it feels like 2015 flew by. I must say, this year was filled with ups and downs but so much growth. So many wonderful opportunities and ideas came to life this year and I couldn’t be more grateful for all that God has done. As you sit back and reflect on 2015, think about all that you have accomplished. All the new additions to your family, the opportunities you lost and gained, the places you visited, and all the things you got a chance to experience this year.


It’s important as we reflect back on the year, we also acknowledge how far God has brought us. He has protected us from so much and has allowed us to come this far. Don’t beat yourself up if you look back and feel like you didn’t accomplish much this year. Each year is an opportunity to grow. For every season in our lives we will go through challenges but we are growing wiser and learning from each mistake – it’s all a part of our growth and journey in life. That’s the beautiful thing about a new year… we have a fresh start. That doesn’t mean that boom… things will instantly change overnight or you’ll have to accomplish every single goal next year…no, but rather we have a blank canvas to paint on.


Whatever nonsense and garbage we were holding on to this year – let it go. Free yourself from anything that is weighing you down, causing you to stress or making you unhappy. Tell yourself this year by all means I’m going to have a new outlook on life. As hard as it might be, ask God to help you change certain things about yourself. Ask God in this upcoming year to help you prioritize your time,to start that business, to control your anger, to allow you to finish school, or even with your weight loss challenge.


Set goals for this upcoming year but ask God to help you accomplish each goal and that His will be done. A lot of times we get upset when we set a goal and it doesn’t work out…but did you consult God about it? Did you ask Him that His will be done? If so, then why are you stressing? If it didn’t work out this year God knows why, He knows what He is doing. In this upcoming year may we not worry or stress about anything.


I remember a few days ago I was having a very rough day. I had a lot on my mind and was worrying about so much and the Lord was like “my daughter what are you worrying about…I am the Almighty God, don’t you trust that I God know what I’m doing?” He immediately directed me to Matthew 6. I read the whole chapter and just apologized to God. I thought to myself why would I even stress or worry about anything, God is so in control and His timing is key. God quickly gave me a whole new level of confidence for 2016!


He reminded me of just how good He is and that I shouldn’t worry or be anxious about anything ( the enemy will always try and put fear and doubt in you, but do not be alarmed, God is in full control over His children and the enemy has no authority over us). After reading that scripture, I felt so excited in my spirit, and so ready for God to use me in this upcoming year. It’s not just me God wants to use, He wants to use all of us.


Let’s encourage ourselves that in 2016 we are not going to be concerned about people’s opinions of us, neither are we going to stress over relationships, our finances, our future, or anything! We are going to allow God to take full control and not step in His way. Let Matthew 6 be our scripture for 2016! Let us seek God first and everything else will be added unto us.


As we are getting ready to enter into the new year, I pray that every fear, doubt, frustration, insecurity, and anxiety be giving all unto the Lord! May He favor you in a supernatural way this upcoming year and may your love and desire for Him grow deeper and deeper! 2016 we are soooo ready for you! Remember we can do all things through Christ.❤️

Stay blessed

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