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For most people, Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time to relax with loved ones, take some days off work, and exchange and receive gifts. Christmas has become a huge holiday all across the world and most people look forward to this season.


Children especially can not wait till Christmas morning to open up their new toys and watch their favorite Christmas movies. For most of us growing up, we remember hearing stories about santa claus coming down the chimney to bring gifts to all the good kids across the land.


I remember hearing these stories as a child and thinking well, I don’t have a chimney in my house so how exactly is this santa claus going to bring me a gift…LOL? and how come every department store had a santa I thought there was only one?


I questioned whether this santa claus was real, and if so what was so special about him? As I grew up, I realized it was just a fairy tale story for kids and that santa wasn’t a real person bringing gifts to my house. I began to wonder, if he’s not real how come he’s such a big part of Christmas? I grew up also learning about the birth of baby Jesus, so why don’t we glorify Him as much as santa claus? Isn’t Jesus the real reason for the season?


A lot of times we go through life accepting the norm and not realizing that there are so many devices the enemy uses to distract us. Instead of us focusing on the main star Jesus we are focusing on santa clause and getting the latest gift or gadget. As a society we have become so engulfed with material things that we don’t even concentrate on the main point.


Christmas is not just about singing carols, exchanging gifts, and watching holiday movies, there is more to it. It’s about helping those less fortunate than you and reflecting on how blessed you are. Christmas is also ALL about Jesus Christ! It’s His BIG DAY! It’s the day God brought the Prince of Peace into the world. The one who died on the cross and saved us from our sins. It’s the day He was born… now that’s something to celebrate.


I want to encourage us all that while we are enjoying time with our families and embracing the holiday season, we should not forget that Christ is main reason for the Christmas season!


Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone. Remember we can do all things through Christ!

Stay Blessed

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