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We have all heard these phrases before “how much do you love him”? Or are you guys in looveee??


Being in love is truly a beautiful and wonderful thing. Just imagine someone loving you unconditionally, to the point where you can completely be yourself. You no longer have to pretend or try to impress them because they love you simply the way you are. Imagine being loved so deep and so genuinely that the person would even DIE for you. Whoaa, now that’s an intense level of love.


People search and even pay to find “true love”, my argument is why pay and search when you can have it for free. I don’t know about you but I love free stuff, and that’s exactly the kind of love God wants to give us – a free and unconditional kind of love. God is so much in love with us that He gave up His only begotten son to die on the cross for us ( some of us wouldn’t even give up the last piece of chicken, how much more your only son?)


Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice and even when we sin against Him, He still loves us…now that’s deep! Let’s be honest, loving someone who has done you wrong is tough, I’m still trying to work on that but because I know God ask that we love everyone including our enemies, I try my best to love everyone. Matthew 5:44 says “But I tell you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.



Now there are some people who are just toxic, you can love and pray for those people from a distance. Loving your enemies does not mean you are a fool or you condone what they do. It means you are mature enough to understand that when you love someone who has hurt you, you are exercising the love of Christ.


Remember, this walk with Christ is no easy task. People are annoying, selfish, rude, and ungrateful but so are we. We are selfish with our time, annoying in our behavior, and ungrateful in our attitudes. Loving us is no easy task either, but Christ loves us all the same and He asks that we love everyone, that includes those you don’t agree with.


I truly believe Muslims, Jews and Christians can show love to each other. They all may not have the same views but they are all God’s children. If we say we love Christ then we need to show it to everyone; our actions and our thoughts need to reflect the love of Christ.


We can say we believe in God, but do we really trust Him? Do we really love Him? Do you understand that there is nothing in this world… and I MEAN NOTHING that can compare to His amazing and unfailing love for us? Your spouse, parents, or even money CANNOT love you the way Christ can. The awesome thing about God is He loves us just the way we are! Even when we curse against Him, slander His name, and do all sorts of nonsense He still LOVE US!


That is beyond amazing; thank God I’m not God because I would have punished this world and everyone in it for being so disrespectful LOL. But God is not like us, we think with our human minds God thinks with infinite wisdom.


We must trust God and stop questioning how He does His things; your small mind can’t understand it. God created the entire universe that means the stars are His, the ocean His, and all the animals and everything in it, He created that all by myself. He is beyond genius; the entire world is like a drop in a bucket to God. The sad part is, we try and outsmart God meanwhile He is an all knowing God. Although people try to attack God and diminish who He is, He still shows them love and kindness.



The point I’m trying to make is that we do not deserve God’s love. But He still loves us regardless. He doesn’t love us because we go to church, read our bibles or help people in need. He loves us because we are His children. We need to walk in His love and stop being bitter. Stop walking around giving everyone an attitude because you can’t find a job, or because everyone is in a relationship and you’re still single.


We should learn to love and be happy for others even when your situation isn’t perfect. We must learn to have a genuine heart, and trust God, let Him fix every worry or concern. Let’s learn to love others even when they don’t deserve it. If God, the ultimate creator of the world can humble Himself and love us then we can love that annoying co-worker or friend.


I want to inspire everyone including myself to aim to love the way Christ loves and to love Him because He is a Great and Awesome God. Loving the way God wants us to love can be difficult and a bit of a struggle but we can do all things through Christ!
Stay Blessed

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