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are you always worried


Let’s be honest, we all worry. It’s something we sometimes can’t help. We all worry about different things at different points in our lives. If you’re a child you may worry about getting good grades in school,  what dress you are going to wear to prom, or making the varsity basketball team.


As you get older, those worries may change. Maybe you are worried about getting into college, finding a job, paying off student loans, getting married or paying for your child’s education. There are tons and thousands of things we can worry about. Sometimes the worries on top of the stress of life can actually drive us insane. Try reading every worry I listed really fast, doesn’t it just seem so draining? That’s because it is, life itself can be so overwhelming. We have so many demands and we try our best to do them all, but the mere thought of what we have to do next can almost cripple us from moving forward!



Well let me tell you something, we do not have to live in worry any longer. I used to worry about EVERYTHING. Every little thing you can think of I was worried about it. It was to the point I was actually afraid to move forward. What kind of crazy trapped life is that? I would worry about things I had no control of and it would actually affect my current situation… it was terrible. I learned that, one, we cannot do everything in our own strength, so please stop trying to be superman or super woman. You will drain yourself. Two, we cannot control everything so stop stressing. You may think well I can control what job I’m going to have or who I’m going to marry, but nope you can’t. You cannot control where God is taking  you.


As hard as it may sound you are not in control of your destiny and when you try to be, that’s when you run into frustrations because you are not living out your God given purpose. You are stuck at level 2 thinking the highest level you can reach is 10 but God is sitting back laughing like why don’t you stop worrying, and trying to do things on your own. Allow God to the take you to level 100!  The word of God clearly states in Matthew 6: 25-34  “Therefore I tell you, stop being worried or anxious perpetually uneasy, distracted about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, as to what you will wear…”



As difficult as it is, we need to rely on God 100% and know that His ways are not our ways. He will take us through some storms and challenges but we must know that it is just a part of our story. The test and trials only make us stronger and show others if we can make it, they can too. Instead of worrying about everything take it to God in prayer.  Tell God I’m worried about paying this bill, or I’ve just been laid off where do I go next? God what are WE going to do? Don’t use the word “I” because you can only do so much but with God we can do all things. Jeremiah 32:27 is such a powerful verse and it says “I’m the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me”?


Anytime I’m in a situation I always refer to that scripture like umm… why I’m stressing again? God is the CEO of all CEO’s I’m not about to be stressed over anything. I know this God is too powerful and my small little boss is nothing compared to this GREAT God. God gave life to that boss so instead of worrying about what your boss thinks, we need to worry about what God thinks of us. I want us all to stop worrying, take every concern, doubt, and burden and give it to God. He wants us to lay all our burdens on Him. Learn to trust God, and if you are struggling with that ask God to help you trust Him more. God I’ll do as much as I can and I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll apply to as many jobs and sit back and allow you Lord to bring the right job at your perfect timing.


We can all live a stress free life, this is not to say problems and issues will not come, because as for that they will come. However, we do not have to allow our circumstances to dictate our happiness. We can find our true happiness and peace in the Lord. Let’s learn to stop worrying and trust God with all that we have. Trusting God during the mist of a crisis can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ!

Stay Blessed

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