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I seriously love to travel, although I haven’t been to too many places, I love the idea of seeing other parts of the world. It’s beautiful to see how other cultures live and the food they eat, I just love it. As cliché as this may sound, I love being in the airport too, that rush feeling before the airplane takes off, is priceless. Traveling and seeing other parts of the world is awesome but it can also be very costly, especially if you are traveling outside your current country. However, I think you can travel and enjoy a good vacation on a budget whether internationally or in your current country.

My best friend Karen and I recently went on a muchhhh needed girls trip to Miami. I have heard that Miami can be pretty costly but we ended up having a really good time without breaking the bank. Below are some helpful tips that helped Karen and I have a successful girls trip without coming back broke LOL. Don’t forget to share some of your helpful travel tips as well!



1. Look for deals: Expedia, Skyscanner and Kayak are your friends. Karen and I found some really good deals on flights on Expedia.com, but be prepared to hound the sites (you’ll save a lot of money by planning ahead). We ended up booking our flight at midnight on a Wednesday, the prices were much cheaper. Also check the site of the airline you want to fly with, they tend to drop their prices late in the evening. You can also search for package deals that offer hotel and flight.


2. Finding a good hotel is key; we wanted to make sure our hotel came with all the perks (FREE BREAKFAST ) so do some research, find out where you want to stay and hotels that offer good deals that you might be interested in.


3. Do A LOT of Research; find out what’s going on that week and fun things to do around the area. Make sure the area is safe and there are things to do in walking distance. TripAdvisor and Groupon are great sites to check out for activities and deals going on in that city. Talk to locals, Karen and I asked around to find out the best places to eat and relax, which helped us a lot.

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4. Lay out your outfits for each day: once we got to our hotel Karen and I laid out each outfit we wanted to wear for each day. This was actually a brilliant idea as we found out we needed to do some last minute alterations on an outfit (Things happen, a zipper may snag, or a dress may pop so just double check everything once you get to your hotel).


5. Don’t swipe your bank card; this was a great way for us to save and manage our money. Karen and I took a certain amount of spending money specifically for our trip, that way we wouldn’t over spend by swiping our card. Each day we took out enough money just for the day which really helped us manage our spending. We ended up saving a lot and even came back with more than expected. Our girl’s trip to Miami was so much fun and by God’s grace very affordable. We ended up making so many memories without spending a ton of money.


I want to encourage you to enjoy the life that God has blessed you with, even if you don’t have a lot of money. Plan a trip somewhere local, just to get away, relax and reflect on life. God has blessed us with so much whether we see or not, we cannot let the stress of life stop us from enjoying the fruits of our labor. So get out there, grab your suitcase and plan your next vacation! I’m thinking the Caribbean or France next! Where do you want to go? I know planning a good vacation on a tight budget can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ!


Stay Blessed

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