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Ever feel like life is just passing you by? All your friends are graduating with their masters, getting engaged, planning their wedding, traveling the world, building a family and you’re just sitting there trying to pay off your student loans. There is no excitement going on in your world, the job you work at is not what you went to school for, you have yet to find the perfect person who completes you and the last place you traveled to was on a family vacation years ago. It just seems like everyone is doing it “BIG” and you are still trying to catch up! It can be very frustrating, you may think to yourself God when is it going to be my turn? I’m happy for everyone but I just want it to be my turn already. I want to be picking out my wedding colors and planning vacations with my husband. I want to travel the world and help people but God when? How much longer do I have to wait before I meet Mr. Right? All these guys that have been coming my way are not serious and I do not want to settle! It’s a question or several questions we may ask ourselves daily and it’s one that can also drive us crazy.


We all want to be happy and live the life we know we deserve but why are we so selfish? Now I know you’re thinking selfish how, because I want to enjoy life and better myself? No, selfish because we always think of ourselves and only ourselves. I’m not saying it’s wrong to want these things but why do we complain so much? Okay the current job you have now is not what you went to school for or all your friends are getting married and you’re tired of being a bridesmaid. But one, at least you have a job… hey it may not pay well but it’s something. Two at least you have friends who want you to be in their wedding, its great practice and when your day comes you will know exactly what to do and what not to do.


We have to learn to be content and happy at any stage in our lives. I’m not saying we should stay where we are, NO! We must grow and want to live the lives we always dreamed of, and trust me it will happen. But at the same time we must learn to appreciate and grow at our current stage. Remember being in 8th grade and wanting to go to high school so bad then getting to high school and wanting to go to College. We are always eager and rushing to get to the next level that we really never embrace or learn from the current stage we are in. Maybe the stage you are in right now is rough, I’m talking serious hard times but learn to see the good. Learn to be happy and think what can I learn from this, I know one day by God’s grace I’m going to have the life I really want but until then how can I make the best out of my situation. Maybe God put you in this situation as a wakeup call or to humble you, because Lord knows some of us if we got that dream guy or job we would act so brand new lol. You know yourself, maybe you still need more learning and growing to do. You may think you’re mature and know it all but maybe this is the time to really build on yourself; and stop comparing yourself to all your friends your season will come.


I know its rough right now and I myself am nowhere near where I want to be, but I’m embracing every second of it. By God’s grace I’ll be married and have my beautiful tribe of a family LOL traveling all around the world helping people. But until then I have to be content where I am, I’m still learning and growing as a woman. Take each season in your life as your favorite TV episode. You can’t skip to episode 5 without playing the first episodes, it will mess up the whole season and then you won’t know why Jane had to kill her ex-husband LOL. The same thing with life, we should not be in such a hurry to fast forward our story, we need to learn to embrace life at every stage. We need to know that God is the ultimate author and finisher of our script. We should allow Him to have His way in our lives and just be patient. We will have the life God has prepared for us soon enough, He just has to make sure we are ready for it. I knowing waiting for God’s perfect timing can difficult and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ!

Stay Blessed


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