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Hey guys, so we all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially our bodies. We often hear people say “oh I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet” but let’s eliminate the word “diet” and use “lifestyle”. Eating healthy and exercising should be lifestyle change not a punishment. I want us all to have the mindset that these results will NOT happen overnight; this is a daily and gradual lifestyle change.  Trust me; we all want to look good however we shouldn’t have to sacrifice daily meals in order to be healthy. Studies show that eating more meals a day can actually increase your metabolism, which means you’ll be able to break down foods faster, yay! But let’s be clear those meals should not be fit for a KING. Try having smaller portions, I am all about portion control and snacking during the day (healthy snacks of course). Try cutting back gradually on your favorite oily foods and sugary snacks; substitute them with smaller amounts or healthier alternatives. It’s all about baby steps, let’s start with the ice cream in the freezer that’s waiting for you after dinner, opt for a homemade parfait instead. Add nonfat Greek yogurt, mixed nuts, some sliced fruit and BOOM you’ve created your own pink berry master piece!  Below is a brief list of some of my healthy eating alternatives and please look out for future post where I’ll be sharing healthier ways to cook some of your favorite foods. Eating healthy can be difficult and a bit of a challenge but we can do all things through Christ.

Stay Blessed


Healthy Eating Alternatives:

Breakfast Choices:

1) 1 slice of whole wheat bagel no cream cheese or butter *try not to have this every day the carbs will add up*

2) Smoothie of your choice * I will share some delicious and easy to make recipes in a later post*

3) Bowl of Cereal: Cheerios / Corn flakes/ Kashi, or any whole wheat cereal *you can have your coco puffs once in while*

4) Oatmeal, no sugar, add fresh fruit, cinnamon or honey

5) Greek Yogurt brands I love: Siggi’s, Chobani, Fage. You can add honey for sweetener or fresh fruit. Brands I avoid Activia Greek yogurt, Greek Gods or Yoplait yogurt (too much sugar).


Afternoon Snack:

1) Any fresh fruit

2) Granola Bars: Nutri grain / Nature valley/ Kind Bars/ Kashi go lean bars

3) Unsalted trail mix just 2 handfuls… okay maybe 3 LOL

4) Sun Chips instead of Doritos or Lays Chips


1) Chicken salad, add vegetables and toppings of your choice *balsamic vignette or fat free Italian light dressing, avoid too much Caesar and ranch dressing*

2) Whole wheat chicken wrap

3) Soup with half sandwich.



1) Grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables

2) Whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken

3) Chicken, brown rice, and vegetable stir fry

Don’t for get to be on the lookout for future post, where I’ll be sharing more healthy eating alternatives with the recipes!

Stay Blessed.

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